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Min. Guests: 2 Max. Guests: 7

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Start: From Split at 09:00 am until 02:00 pm

Duration: 05:00:00
Minimum guests: 2
Maximum guests: 7
Transportation: VAN
Physical activity level: Light
Disability friendly: No
Kid friendly: No

Cycling along the paths of the Marjan Forrest you will learn about the diversity of plants that grow here and the benefits they bring to human health. With an expert, you will gather plants that we will us in preparing and unforgettable and healthy meal. 

Our Cooking Class Tour starts from Matejuška, “fisherman’s peer” a place that has kept its traditional spirit throughout the years.  There you will see the traditional Dalmatian fishing boats and meet your chef.   

The chef will then take you to the open-air markets locally known as “peškarija” and “pazar”. There you will be engulfed by the colors, smells and noise as the local sellers loudly try to attract customers by shouting how their products are the cheapest and freshest in the market.  But don’t worry, our chef is here to assist you by cutting through the noise and helping you with your purchases while telling interesting stories about the local culinary traditions. 

After we finish with our shopping, the path of health will lead us to Marjan Hill.  This is because the main ingredients of our meal are “šparoge” or (wild asparagus) and “motar”, which grows here. As it is not allowed to pick them in the protected area of the Park Forest, we will take you on a bike tour to show you where those plants grow and you will see all the diversity and richness of the coastal area. Motar, which grows from the stone and is watered by the sea with its sour-bitter taste, filled with the smell of sea and essential oils, is also known as the Dalmatian algae. Because these plants grow wild in this area, they have earned a royal status on the spring menu and are considered super healthy foods.

After we finish our guided bike tour through Marjan Hill, a van will be waiting to take use to the cooking class point.  With the help of our local expert and chef, you will create a truly special dish that we hope will become a special memory of your trip to Split.  During your meal the chef will continue to tell stories and talk about the local foods and herbs authentic to Dalmatia.  Finally, as a token of our appreciation, all participants will be given a small souvenir to remember your day as a local Croatian chef.     



Split/Matejuška peer

Price includes: groceries for the cooking class (bought on the green or fish market), bike rental, guide, transport with a van to the location of the cooking class, professional chef, a small souvenir from the class.

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